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Saturday, 10 October 2015 04:59

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Servicing Your Sewing Machine and Overlocker

Does your machine talk to you? Mine does. It rattles to tell me it needs to be oiled. Squeaking normally means that parts needs to be greased.

It will also tell me its needle needs changing by clicking. There are times when it says, “I don’t like the thread you are using”, by breaking it.

I also know that it doesn’t like pets, small children and husbands with screwdrivers.

You can do a lot yourself, to keep your machine purring nicely, by cleaning and oiling it periodically. However it will still need a professional service.

How often depends on how much sewing you do. If you earn a living from your machines, they should be serviced every year. If you do embroidery or are a keen patchwork quilter, then every two years. Even if you only use your machine every few months, it still needs to be serviced every four years. That way it will work when you want to sew.

Our service includes checking all timings and clearances, removing burrs (needle marks) from parts, which come in contact with the thread, cleaning, oiling and greasing some parts, checking tensions and upgrading the software in some computer machines. We service and repair all brands of domestic sewing machines and overlockers. I also have an electrical ticket to leagally repair the electrical side of sewing machines.

Did you know if you bring your machine in for a service within two years of purchasing it from us, you will receive a fixed price service (excluding parts), which is approximately half of the average service price.

If you bring in two machines for servicing at the same time, you will get a $10.00 discount off each machine.

We also offer you a free quote and a written six months guarantee on our work.

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