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This is an opportunity for you to come along to meet and sew with like minded people. You will make new friends and learn from others' experiences. Bring in your own project as well as anything you have finished. We would love to see it. Coffee and tea provided.

Class Dates           
Saturday 5th February

Saturday 12th February

Saturday 19th February

Saturday 26th February


Time: 9.00am - 12.00pm

Cost $5.00



Start your quilting journey here or bring in that unfinished project. Suitable for beginners or more advanced sewers. Looking forward to show and tell if you have finished a project.

 Class Dates

Wednesday 2nd February

Wednesday 16th February

Thursday 24th February

Time 9.15am - 12.15pm

Cost $30.00

Teacher Lillian











 Stippling Class

Stippling refers to ‘free-motion’ straight stitching done in small, soft, curvy, puzzle-like shapes. Lines of stitching do not intersect or touch. It is one of the most popular free motion quilting designs.

Class Dates

Wednesday 23rd February

Time 9.15am - 12.15pm


Cost $40

Teacher - Lillian